About Us

Beta Textiles Co., Limited

Knitted Fabric Manufacturer, Converter and Exporter

Beta Textiles Co.,Limited (BTEXCO) is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of bulk knitted fabrics including circular knitting, warp knitting and flat knitting. The average export sales per annum is around 15 million USD.

The Company has produced and exported fabrics to many countries such as Mexico, Jordan, Russian, Slovenia, Poland, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka etc.

With its optimized resources, the company will be able to produce and export at least 500 metric tons per month.

In particular, Beta Textiles specializes in the production and exportation of new and performance fabrics including:-

        • Merino Wool fabric;
        • Polypropylene fabric;
        • Bamboo and bamboo nano-silver fabric;
        • Nylon/spandex, polyester/spandex fabric;
        • Recycled polyester/nylon fabric and
        • other circular knitted and tricot fabrics.

By working with a great variety of yarn producers home and abroad, Beta Textiles Co.,Ltd is strong in the development and production of fabrics. The buyer can pick fabrics from BTEXCO’s fabric collections compiled from past production and/or send fabric swatches to do reverse engineering.


The Company is the licensed manufacturer of Outlast climate control fabrics,X-static nano-silver fabrics and Drirelease fabrics etc.