X-static Fabric

X-static Fabric and Garments



In cooperation with YL Knitting, Zhangjiagang Beta Manufacturing & Textiles Co.,Ltd.  has developed a high end fabric consisting of Dupont Coolmax and X-static silver fiber. In the mean time, it also supplies garment made of such fabric in flatclok stitching. The sewing is being contracted by HQ Clothing Co.,Ltd. which is about 50 minutes away from its head office.


X-static is a silver ion fiber that is naturally anti-microbial and healthy. With the nature of wicking  property of Coolmax yarn, such fabric is perfect for sportswear, active wear.

The fabric is a mesh or piquet knitted on circular knitting machine. With the use of flatlock stitching in sewing, the garments in such fabric are really high end products for famous brands around the global.

X-static is the registered trademark of Nobel Biomaterials. All products from us using their fibre shall be subject to their certification.