BTEXCO does customized production of all types of knitted fabrics according to buyer’s samples and/or technical specifications for sewing factories of underwear, sportswear and outdoor clothing.

BTEXCO products include all types of performance and normal knitted fabrics including but not limited to:

  • Poly/Spandex;
  • Poly/Nylon/Spandex;
  • Poly, Nylon;
  • Cationic Poly and its blend;
  • Cotton/Spandex;
  • Cotton/Polyester with and without spandex;
  • Drirelease fabrics;
  • Outlast fabrics;
  • Celliant fabrics;
  • Coolmax, Coolplus, Topcool, Coolpass fabrics;
  • UV-cut fabrics;
  • Cooling fabrics;
  • Heat generating, heat retention fabrics;
  • Bamboo charcoal fabrics;
  • Coffee charcoal fabrics;
  • Merino wool fabrics;
  • Polypropylene (polypro or pp) fabrics;and
  • Any other fabrics as per buyers’ designs and/or samples or specifications.


Fabric constructions:

  • Jersey
  • Pique Mesh
  • Interlock
  • Jacquard
  • Fleece
  • Terry
  • Mesh
  • Velvet
  • Performance fabrics
  • Sportswear fabrics
  • Technical fabrics
  • Any other fabric constructions as per buyers’ samples and/or designs.