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New Fabrics

Graphene Fabrics

Graphene Fabrics

Beta Textiles Co., Limited is one of the manufacturers of new and high-tech graphene fabrics.

Features of Graphene Fabrics:

  • Automatic warming-up in cold weather;
  • Warm and breathable;
  • Anti-static;
  • Antimicrobial.

Recycled Polyester Fabrics


BTEXCO produces a range of recycled polyester fabrics. The yarn supplier is GRS.
Best selling fabric with recycled polyester:

Ref no:HY142437-R
Composition:44% recycled polyeser, 44% cationic polyester, 12% spandex
Width: 1.6m
Fiber: 100D/144F+40D


Cotton Touch Polyester Fabrics

Cotton Touch Polyester Fabrics

A special technolog is used to produce polyester fabrics with cotton hand feel.

Nano grade coffee charcoal is applied to the polyester yarn. By heat, the yarn takes on the features of activated carbon to provide cotton like hand feel at polyester prices:


  • Excellent moisture maangement;
  • Extraordinary anti-odor features;
  • Permanent antimicrobial;
  • Prices as low as polyester;
  • Soft cotton like hand feel.
  • Thermal absoption from outside warmth to keep the wearer warm.


Space Dyed Fabrics

Space Dyed Fabrics

BTEXCO produces a wide ranged of space dyed fabrics with space dyed yarns. Fabric collection books with physical swatches are available at request.

Polypropylene Polypro Fabrics

Polypropylene Polypro Fabrics

Beta Textiles Co.,Limited successfully developed the polypropylene fabric in Nov, 2008.
Fabric construction: 1X1 rib and others;
Weight: 140 to 230 gsm
Yarn: spun and multi-filament polypropylene yarn

Fabric features:
Light weight
Wicks moisture away from skin
Keeps the wearer warm in cold seasons

Flatlock stitching base layer underwear can also be produced and exported by Beta Textiles Co.,Limited.

X-static Fabric

X-static Fabric and Garments



In cooperation with YL Knitting, Zhangjiagang Beta Manufacturing & Textiles Co.,Ltd.  has developed a high end fabric consisting of Dupont Coolmax and X-static silver fiber. In the mean time, it also supplies garment made of such fabric in flatclok stitching. The sewing is being contracted by HQ Clothing Co.,Ltd. which is about 50 minutes away from its head office.


X-static is a silver ion fiber that is naturally anti-microbial and healthy. With the nature of wicking  property of Coolmax yarn, such fabric is perfect for sportswear, active wear.

The fabric is a mesh or piquet knitted on circular knitting machine. With the use of flatlock stitching in sewing, the garments in such fabric are really high end products for famous brands around the global.

X-static is the registered trademark of Nobel Biomaterials. All products from us using their fibre shall be subject to their certification.



Bamboo Charcoal Fabrics

Bamboo Charcoal Fabrics

Beta Textiles Co.,Limited started the production of bamboo charcoal fabric since 2005. The most regular construction is nylon, bamboo charcoal yarn and spandex dual face fabric to be used for underwear and sportswear. With features such as wicking, antibacterial, UV protection, odour free and thermal insulation etc, such fabric is idea for high end and high performance sportswear.

Main Functions:

  • Infrared Releasing
  • UV Protective Wicking
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Odour Removing
  • Multi-purpose




Modal Fabric

Modal Fabric

Modal is currently called the new wonder fabric. Made from beech wood chips, this fabric combines the benefits of natural fiber and the fantastically soft feel of modern microforms.With the hygroscopicity of cotton and the luster of silk, it remains soft and lustrous after several washes.


Jersey and other fabrics made of modal, modal/cotton, modal/spandex, modal/lycra are our mature and regular products. You may either order our recommended modal fabrics or we may manufacture as per your samples and specifications.

With years of experience in modal fabric, we have mastered the techniques of knitting, dyeing and finishing of modal fabrics. Flatlock stitching underwear is also produced and exported as per Buyer’s design, sample and/or specifications.