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X-static Fabric

X-static Fabric and Garments



In cooperation with YL Knitting, Zhangjiagang Beta Manufacturing & Textiles Co.,Ltd.  has developed a high end fabric consisting of Dupont Coolmax and X-static silver fiber. In the mean time, it also supplies garment made of such fabric in flatclok stitching. The sewing is being contracted by HQ Clothing Co.,Ltd. which is about 50 minutes away from its head office.


X-static is a silver ion fiber that is naturally anti-microbial and healthy. With the nature of wicking  property of Coolmax yarn, such fabric is perfect for sportswear, active wear.

The fabric is a mesh or piquet knitted on circular knitting machine. With the use of flatlock stitching in sewing, the garments in such fabric are really high end products for famous brands around the global.

X-static is the registered trademark of Nobel Biomaterials. All products from us using their fibre shall be subject to their certification.



Bamboo Charcoal Fabrics

Bamboo Charcoal Fabrics

Beta Textiles Co.,Limited started the production of bamboo charcoal fabric since 2005. The most regular construction is nylon, bamboo charcoal yarn and spandex dual face fabric to be used for underwear and sportswear. With features such as wicking, antibacterial, UV protection, odour free and thermal insulation etc, such fabric is idea for high end and high performance sportswear.

Main Functions:

  • Infrared Releasing
  • UV Protective Wicking
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Odour Removing
  • Multi-purpose




Modal Fabric

Modal Fabric

Modal is currently called the new wonder fabric. Made from beech wood chips, this fabric combines the benefits of natural fiber and the fantastically soft feel of modern microforms.With the hygroscopicity of cotton and the luster of silk, it remains soft and lustrous after several washes.


Jersey and other fabrics made of modal, modal/cotton, modal/spandex, modal/lycra are our mature and regular products. You may either order our recommended modal fabrics or we may manufacture as per your samples and specifications.

With years of experience in modal fabric, we have mastered the techniques of knitting, dyeing and finishing of modal fabrics. Flatlock stitching underwear is also produced and exported as per Buyer’s design, sample and/or specifications.








Compression Fabrics

Compression Fabrics

Fabric No: HY101532
Description: polyester lycra warp knitted fabric for compression garments
Fiber: polyester and lycra
Construction: Tricot plain weave, 36 Gauge
Weight:160 – 220 g/m2.
Quick Dry, Moisture Management (optional).
Antimicrobial (Optional)

Fabric No: HY101532
Description: nylon lycra warp knitted fabric for compression garments
Fiber: nylon and lycra
Construction: Tricot plain weave, 36 Gauge
Weight:160 – 220 g/m2.
Quick Dry, Moisture Management (optional).

Antimicrobial (Optional)

The fabric is suitable for:-

  • Sports bra;
  • Compression boxer brief and trunk boxer;
  • Compression muscle and short sleeve tee;
  • Power thong and bikini;
  • Calf guard;
  • Cycling shorts etc.

AW-113 - LYCRA LONG SLEEVE LEOTARD     compression-fabric-1



Cleancool Antimicrobial Fabric

Cleancool Antimicrobial Fabric


Fabric No:HY121893:
35% Clean Cool, 70% Nylon, 160gsm,

Fabric No:HY111846
Brushed Mesh Polypro DTY Outside:40% Cleancool(100D/72F); Inside:60% Polypro(150D/144F) 155
Description: Cleancool Polypro Brushed Mesh
Fiber: wicking and antimicrobial yarn – Cleancool, polypro microfiber DTY
Construction: mesh fabric with inside brushed
Weight: 170 g/m2.


The fabrics are suitable for:-
• long sleeve crew neck tee,
• long legging pants,
• hoody,
• zipped long sleeve top;
• both base layer and outer layer

Fabric features:-
• Warm. Polypro is the most warm material;
• Light. Polypro is the most light fabric;
• Permanently wicking;
• Permanent antimicrobial;
• Suitable for both base layer and outer wear.

Hang tags to be provided with fabric or garments.




cleancool-hangtag-front        cleancool-hangtag-back



Bamboo Fabric


Bamboo Fabric

Available constructions:
Interlock (one side bamboo charcoal, one side polyester/cotton);
Jersey; or
Any other construction(s) based on buyer’s samples and/or technical specifications.

Available compositions:
100% bamboo yarn, bamboo/spandex, bamboo/cotton etc
Available yarn count:
From 20s to 60s, spun.

Features and Advantages of Bamboo Fabrics:-
Generally, bamboo fiber is naturally ant-microbial (anti-bacterial), UV protective, green & biodegradable, cool & breathable, strong, flexible with shiny appearance.

Soft, Smooth and Luxurious Hand Feel:

If spun into yarn, bamboo fiber is even softener than silk fiber. With a basic round shape, the fabric will be very smooth and will act as a perfect next skin to the wearer.

Good Absorption of Moisture:

Bamboo fiber performs far better in terms of quick sweat absorption and evaporation. The ultimate breathability keeps the wearer dry, comfortable and cool for a long period of time with an absorption ability three to four time more than cotton.

Temperature Adaptability:

Bamboo fiber fabrics are amazingly breathable in hot weather while in cold season the fabric will keep the wearer warmer. Bamboo fiber fabric is a good cooling fabric. With micro-gaps and micro-holes in the cross section of the bamboo fiber, bamboo fabrics offer better moisture


Fabrics made of bamboo fiber are naturally antibacterial, antifungal anti-static. There is a unique anti-bacterial and bacteriostasis bio-agent named “bamboo kun” with bamboo. Such bamboo kun bond tightly with bamboo cellulose molecules during the normal process of bamboo growth. Such features will be retained in bamboo fabrics. As a result, bamboo fabrics are healthier, germ free and odor free.


Dri-release Fabric

Dri-release Fabric

Fabric No: HY091284
Description: drop needle rib dri-release fabric
Fiber content: 100% dri-release (88% polyester, 12% wool)
Construction: 1X1 rib with drop needle
Weight: 230 g/m2

2.Fabric No: HY091413
Description: dri-release interlock
Fiber content: 100% dri-release (86% polyester, 14% cotton)
Construction: interlock
Weight: 215 g/m2


Fabric features:-

  • Cotton like hand feel;
  • Long lasting wicking;
  • Super soft.



Chitosan Chitin Fabric

Chitosan Chitin Fabric

Fabric No: HY111860
Description: Chitosan Viscose Polyester fabric
Fiber: chitosan, viscose, polyester
Weight: 140 g/m2 and 120 g/m2 respectively


Fabric features:

  • Very strong antibacterial effects;
  • Completely biodegradability;
  • Soft hand feel;
  • Anti-microbial;
  • Anti-static.
  • Odor free

Chitosan/Chintin yarn is a natural fiber obtained from the shell of crab or shellfish. BTEXCO uses Chitin / Chitosan yarn to produce knitted fabrics.




Thermolite Fabric

Thermolite Microfiber Polar Fleece

BTEX THERMOLITE fabrics are made with THERMOLITE which is a specially engineered hollow section fiber to keep garment wearer warm and light at the same time.

As the fiber is hollow, fabrics with such fiber are extremely light, soft to the hand touch.
Two types of fabrics are now under production including one polar fleece and one two tone double layer fabric.

New fabrics can also be developed according to buyer’s designs, specifications and samples and then produced after approval by customer.

Fabric no:HY111781
Weight: 120 gsm
Construction: two layer two tone air layer
Composition: 52% THERMOLITE, 48% merino wool
Width: 150 cms

Warm and light like a feather
Thermolite Fiber Chart







Supersoft Water Proof Breathable Fabric

Supersoft Water Proof Breathable Fabric


Fabric No: HY111855
Description: Softshell fabric for outdoor clothing
Construction: three layer;
Weight: 130 g/m2.
Water Resistance: 3000mm H2O;
MVP: 3000 g/m2•24 hours

Beta Textiles Co., Limited produces and uses in its garment production a full range of tw layer or three layer laminated fabrics that are water proof and breathable.

The surface layer is normally a microfiber superfine (such as 20D or 30D) polyester or nylon knits. In the case of three layer lamination, the inside side is normally a light weight (20 g/m2, for instance) mesh.

Three membranes are used as middle or base layer:-

  • PTFE;
  • TPU (microporous thermoplastic polyurethane); or
  • PU (microporous polyurethane).

Hoodies produced by Beta Textiles Co., Limited with supersoft water proof and breathable fabric.


softshell fabric     softshell-fabric-2